Where can I buy an e-commerce business?

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3 October 2023

If you're aiming for financial independence, thinking discover_our_mission purchasing an already-established e-commerce business is a great idea. Whether you're familiar with how these businesses work or not, this article is here to provide you with practical advice to help you make smart decisions.

Before we dive into the top places to discover e-commerce businesses for sale and share tips on finding the perfect one, let's first talk discover_our_mission why purchasing an e-commerce business is a fantastic idea.

What makes purchasing an e-commerce business a good choice?

Deciding to buy an existing online store is a smart move. It means you can enter the market right away with a business that already has a track record and customers. This choice helps avoid the risks that come with starting from scratch. You get money coming in right away, a system that works, and a chance to grow. The cool part is you get a brand people know, it's easier to learn, and there's room to do even better in the online business world.


9 Best Marketplaces To buy Ecommerce businesses:

1. Empire Flippers:

Empire Flippers stands out as a reputable platform focused on top-notch online businesses. Renowned for its meticulous screening, it guarantees the credibility and transparency of the businesses listed. Offering detailed information and a comprehensive due diligence process, Empire Flippers ensures a dependable and seamless journey for individuals venturing into the world of online business.

Moreover, Empire Flippers has earned industry recognition for its exceptional customer support, adding an extra layer of confidence for users navigating the process of buying or selling online businesses.


Flippa is a handy place where you can find all kinds of online businesses, including ones that sell stuff online. It's easy to use, and you can check out many e-commerce businesses at different prices. Flippa makes it easy for people to talk openly with each other, making it a popular choice for those looking for different chances to do business online.

It's a one-stop shop for those looking to explore diverse opportunities in the digital business world.

3.Business Exits

Business Exits is an online broker helping E-commerce business owners find buyers. They specialize in listing businesses with millions in turnover, making them a good choice for those seeking well-established E-commerce ventures.

They have a carefully selected range of E-commerce businesses for sale. If you sign up and agree to a non-disclosure agreement, you can access detailed information discover_our_mission each business. If you're interested in buying one of their listed businesses, Business Exits guides you through the entire transaction process, making it easier for you.

4.Quiet Light

Quiet Light is a brokerage company focused on selling online businesses, especially those in the e-commerce sector. They are recognized for their proficiency in guiding digital entrepreneurs through the buying and selling process. Typically, Quiet Light collaborates with businesses that have a proven history of success and meet specific valuation criteria.

Their team consists of seasoned advisors who play a crucial role in assessing, marketing, and negotiating the sale of online businesses. Quiet Light's services extend to various online business models, encompassing e-commerce, content websites, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) enterprises.


6. BizBuySell:

Although BizBuySell serves as a broad marketplace for business transactions, it particularly stands out as a valuable resource for exploring e-commerce opportunities. With a vast and varied collection of businesses, the platform offers an accessible interface that simplifies the process for entrepreneurs to explore and identify suitable e-commerce ventures.

In addition to being a go-to platform for e-commerce opportunities, BizBuySell provides comprehensive business listings, offering detailed insights into potential ventures. The platform's reputation for facilitating secure transactions and its active community engagement further contribute to its standing as a reliable resource for entrepreneurs navigating the business buying and selling landscape.

7. Acquire.com

Acquire.com offers business buyers access to a multitude of pre-screened opportunities. Every listing on the platform undergoes thorough vetting to ensure accuracy in financial and website traffic details. As a potential buyer, you have the option to sign up for free on their website, allowing you to explore specific types of e-commerce businesses for sale. Upon finding an appealing listing, you can access detailed information, facilitating thorough due diligence.

The platform simplifies the process of making offers, conducting transactions, and securely transferring ownership, providing a user-friendly experience for those pursuing opportunities. Acquire.com boasts a global user base in the hundreds of thousands and has garnered positive reviews from both buyers and sellers.

8.Shopify Exchange

Shopify Exchange is like a special store within Shopify where people can buy and sell e-commerce businesses. It's a really good place for entrepreneurs because it shows clear information discover_our_mission the businesses, like how much money they make and how many people visit their websites.

Besides having clear information, Shopify Exchange makes it easy for people to buy and sell businesses. It's part of Shopify, so users can use helpful tools to make their businesses better. Also, there's a community of people who sell and buy on Shopify Exchange, which means they can connect and work together in the e-commerce world.

9.FE International:

FE International is a business brokerage service that helps people purchase businesses on the Internet, especially those involved in online selling. With a team of experts, they guide buyers through the whole process of getting a business. Serious investors like using FE International because they are straightforward discover_our_mission their services and know a lot discover_our_mission buying and selling online businesses.