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Static website or dynamic website?

A website should work 24/7 and 365 days. It is like a salesperson working and selling and marketing all the time. Exciting right? It not it should be. Because most businesses are unaware of the benefits of good working websites. Basically, there are two types of websites.

1. Static website
2. Dynamic website

Before creating a website for your business you should know about this compulsorily.

What is a static website?

A static website is one in which the site owners are unable to edit any content like text, images, address, phone number, etc. Once it was created and launched the changes can be made only by the developers of the website. Every time you need to see help with your tech team.

For example, if you launching a new product or opening a new branch, or if you want to share your success stories you are unable to do it without technical help. If is it okay, then a static website is good or your website won’t get any updates, then a static website will suit your business.

What is a Dynamic website?

As every website wanted to be updated regularly, a Dynamic website will suit better when compared to a static website. Every dynamic website will have an admin panel with a secured login.

Through which business owners can log in with username and password and they can edit, update, create new posts, etc.

We always recommend a dynamic website for our customers who are well deserving and dynamically ready to change or grow their business.

Finally, whatever may be the website is, you should have your own and real content to attract your target customers. If you want to know more about how to write content for a website click here.

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Benefits of Professional Website Design

Grow your brand’s identity

Better Google Rankings

Consistency of the brand

Keep visitors on your page

More customers


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