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Doing business online is very simple.

We know the pain points of our customers. We believe, our success is in your results.

Choose a platform.

Be clear about the purpose of your website and on which platform is going to run. Don't jump between platforms regularly.


Have a Sales Funnel

Unless until your website starts promoting/Selling your product/service, there is the absence of sales funnel. Choose a website with the sales funnel.


Fast Loading and mobile friendly.

Most people are searching for their needs on mobile, so make sure your website is mobile-friendly and fast loading.


Who we are?

If you are not interested in promoting your business online, We are not the right team!

We deliver our best services for the businesses which really what to do business online. We should follow the strategic way to achieve our goal. We are unable to build an empire overnight. We follow step by step process.

Cricrosoft will not only give you the service but also train you for continuous success. You going to have your business online. Consider how much effort you have taken for an offline business. The same effort is mandatory to launch your business online. Get ready to take small but wise steps.


Ready with your Landing works.

Planning plays an important role in in any business. Here planning means ready with your product images and description.

If you are ready for online business, then make sure you have good quality images. Because visuals plays a major role. If you need any support in planning, you can contact us @ +91 9629492939 between 9.00 AM - 6.00 PM

If you have any confusion to make the decision, register for our upcoming free online session on weekends.

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