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Top 9 networking online tools to boost your business

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3 October 2023

Ready to enhance your business networking game? Explore our guide featuring the top 9 online tools designed to supercharge your connections and boost your business. Unlock new possibilities and elevate your networking strategy with these essential tools.



LinkedIn is a platform designed for professional social networking, providing opportunities to connect with colleagues in your industry, highlight your skills and knowledge, and participate in discussions relevant to your business.

It serves as an online hub where professionals can connect with colleagues within their industry and extend their reach globally. LinkedIn enables users to cultivate a personal brand by showcasing their skills, achievements, and expertise through profiles and content sharing.


Meetup serves as a platform designed to assist you in finding and participating in local networking events, seminars, and workshops that are directly related to your specific industry or field.

It is a versatile platform that fosters connections by facilitating the discovery and engagement in local gatherings, enabling individuals to explore shared interests and passions within their communities.


Buffer is a social media management solution that empowers you to plan and analyze your social media content, enabling you to uphold a reliable and strategic online presence for connecting with colleagues and potential clients effectively.

Buffer stands out as a valuable tool in the realm of digital marketing, offering intuitive features that streamline social media scheduling and reporting, ultimately helping businesses build meaningful online relationships and drive growth through well-managed online engagement.


Twitter is a social media platform that provides the opportunity to track industry influencers, engage in conversations by utilizing pertinent hashtags, and share your professional insights and knowledge.

Twitter is also known for its real-time nature, which empowers users to stay updated on trending topics, express their unique perspectives, and forge valuable connections, making it a dynamic hub for networking and staying informed in today's fast-paced digital landscape.


Mention is a social media monitoring tool designed to assist you in monitoring brand mentions, tracking specific keywords, and keeping an eye on competitors, thereby enabling you to actively participate in pertinent discussions.

Its comprehensive monitoring capabilities empower users to proactively manage their online presence and engagement, making it an invaluable resource for effective reputation management and market intelligence.

6.Google Meet

Google Meet serves as a video conferencing tool, enabling virtual meetings and webinars, thus easing the process of networking with individuals and groups irrespective of their geographical location.

Meet simplifies remote collaboration by offering a user-friendly platform for seamless, face-to-face interactions, making it an essential tool for modern communication and teamwork.


Slack functions as a team collaboration application that provides specialized channels tailored to your industry, simplifying the process of connecting with professionals in your field and actively participating in meaningful discussions.

It streamlines communication and enhances productivity through its versatile messaging platform, offering a centralized hub for teams to collaborate effectively and foster efficient workflows.


Calendly streamlines the scheduling process, enabling others to schedule meetings and networking discussions at their convenience by selecting available time slots from your calendar.

Calendly's intuitive interface and automation simplify appointment scheduling, helping professionals save time and focus on meaningful interactions.

9.Facebook Groups

Participating in relevant Facebook groups offers the opportunity to establish connections with fellow professionals, exchange expertise, and take part in discussions specific to your industry.