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What is Marketing in digital world?

In digital marketing, businesses use online platforms to promote their products or services. This includes the internet, electronic devices, and various online channels to connect with specific target audiences. The main goal is to use different strategies to make more people aware of the brand, get more visitors to the website, generate leads, and turn potential customers into loyal clients.

Application of Marketing in digital world

1.Social Media and Email Marketing:

Using social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) for brand promotion, engagement, and targeted advertising. Creating valuable content (blogs, articles, videos) to attract and retain a specific audience. Employing email campaigns for direct communication with potential and existing customers, providing personalized content, promotions, and updates.


Conducting paid advertising campaigns on search engines like Google Ads to boost visibility and drive traffic. Enhancing organic search engine rankings, and improving website content and structure to maximize visibility and attract a larger audience.

3. Mobile Networking

Enhancing marketing strategies for mobile devices, encompassing mobile-friendly websites, applications, and SMS marketing.

4. E-Commerce

Effectively promoting and selling products requires utilizing diverse online platforms and marketplaces, leveraging digital channels for showcasing and connecting with diverse audiences. This enhances market visibility, providing a convenient avenue for consumers to explore, evaluate, and make informed purchase decisions, fostering sustained growth in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

5. Chatbots and AI

Utilizing chatbots and artificial intelligence enhances customer interactions by providing instant support on websites and social media. This strategic implementation ensures immediate assistance, addresses inquiries, and streamlines the efficiency of online platforms, contributing to a more satisfying and user-friendly digital experience.

6. AR /VR

AR and VR revolutionize marketing, immersing users in dynamic digital realms for innovative product showcases. AR enhances the real world, while VR captivates in virtual environments. This strategic implementation not only grabs attention but also offers a unique avenue for businesses to make a lasting impact on their audience.


Customer/Targeted Advertising

Digital marketing precisely targets audiences by demographics, interests, and behaviors. Real-time interaction on platforms like social media and email helps businesses engage with their audience, building a community around their brand.

Leads sale and conversion:

Digital marketing, including content and email campaigns, efficiently generates leads and captures valuable customer data for future engagement, optimizing channels and enhancing sales for businesses.

Data Analytics and Cost-Effectiveness

Digital marketing uses the internet to help businesses reach a global audience, breaking geographical barriers. Tailored for mobile devices, these strategies connect businesses with consumers on the move.

Marketing and Global reach

Digital marketing, leveraging the internet, connects businesses globally and breaks geographical barriers. Tailored for mobile devices, these strategies reach consumers on the move.

Brand Visibility

IoT devices are used for remote patient monitoring, tracking vital signs, medication adherence, and managing chronic conditions, enhancing healthcare delivery.

What we offer ?

Cousrse contents:

1. Introduction to IOT
  • Understanding IoT fundamentals
  • IoT Architecture and protocols
  • Various Platforms for IoT
  • Real-time Examples of IoT
  • Overview of IoT Components and IoT Communication Technologies
  • Challenges in IoT
2. Arduino Simulation Environment
  • Arduino Uno Architecture
  • Setup the IDE, Writing Arduino Software
  • Arduino Libraries
  • Basics of Embedded C programming for Arduino
  • Interfacing LED, push button, and buzzer with Arduino
  • Interfacing Arduino with LCD
3. Sensor & Actuators with Arduino
  • Overview of Sensors working
  • Analog and Digital Sensors
  • Interfacing of Temperature, Humidity, Motion, Light and Gas Sensor with
  • Arduino
  • Interfacing of Actuators with Arduino.
  • Interfacing of Relay Switch and Servo Motor with Arduino
4. Basic Networking with ESP8266 WiFi module
  • Basics of Wireless Networking
  • Introduction to ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module
  • Various Wi-Fi library
  • Web server- introduction, installation, configuration
  • Posting sensor(s) data to the web server
5. IoT Protocols
  • M2M vs. IOT
  • Communication Protocols
6. Cloud Platforms for IoT
  • Virtualization Concepts and Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud computing, benefits
  • Cloud services -- SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
  • Cloud providers & offerings
  • Study of IOT Cloud Platforms
  • ThingSpeak API and MQTT
  • Interfacing ESP8266 with Web services

Future of Marketing in Digital World

The future of digital marketing is marked by innovation and personalization through advancements like AI, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality. Automation and data analytics refine targeting, while influencer marketing and user-generated content gain prominence. The emergence of voice search and IoT introduces new channels, emphasizing a multi-face

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