Scope of E commerce Business

Scope of E-Commerce Business:

  • Social Media: Majority of online buying decisions are made on Social Media. Social network like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc have become a medium for easy log-in and purchase. Moreover, the clients can stay updated via the posts published on this media. Further, the advertising & promotions on these social sites has increased the chances of success of generating transactions to many folds.
  • Drone Delivery: Companies have been working their way around to innovate the delivery process to shorten human effort as well as time. The answer to these problems is Delivery by Drones. DGCA is now fast tracking the process of issuing guidelines for the use of drones for civil purposes in India. If everything goes as per the planthen India might become the first country in the world to allow the use of drones for civil purposes.
  • App only Approach: Statistics suggest the future of internet lies in mobiles. Experts say more than 580 million people in India will use the Internet by 2018, and 70-80% of them will access the Web on mobile phones. This will cause all major players to switch to app only model. About two-thirds of its online traffic of Flipkart comes from users in small cities and towns. Flipkart’s app-only approach assumes larger significance in these places where most people don’t own desktop computers and have limited access to broadband.
  • Google’s Buy Now Button: Google is reportedly working on its own “Buy Now” style button that would allow e-shoppers search for products on Google and purchase them with a single click, right through Google’s own search results page. The button will be displayed near sponsored search results beneath a “Shop on Google” heading at the top of the page. When users click on the Google’s “Buy Now” button, they will be re-directed to another Google page that will allow them to choose specific item details, such as colour and size, and then select a shipping route. Google would then pass on order information, including the customer’s name and shipping address, to the retailer.
  • Artificial Intelligence: As the e-commerce space gets saturated, investors looking for innovative use of technology are zeroing in on companies developing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Jet Airways is experimenting with one such solution devised by Vizury.
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