Focusing on modernizing agriculture

Technological advancements has almost revolutionized the agricultural operations and the introduction of agricultural drones is the trending disruption. The Ground and Aerial drones are used for assessment of crop health, crop monitoring, planting, crop spraying, and field analysis. With proper strategy and planning based on real-time data, drone technology has given a high rise and makeover to the agriculture industry. Drones with thermal or multispectral sensors identify the areas that require changes in irrigation. Once the crops start growing, sensors indicate their health and calculate their vegetation index. Eventually smart drones have reduced the environmental impact. The results have been such that there has been a massive reduction and much lower chemical reaching the groundwater.


IoT enabled agriculture has helped implement modern technological solutions to time tested knowledge. This has helped bridge the gap between production and quality and quantity yield. Data Ingested by obtaining and importing information from the multiple sensors for real time use or storage in a database ensures swift action and less damage to the crops. With seamless end to end intelligent operations and improved business process execution, produce gets processed faster and reaches supermarkets in fastest time possible.

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