Best color combination for business cards:

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3 October 2023


How can you refresh the color scheme of your business card to align with contemporary trends and aesthetics?

Your business card is a valuable asset for leaving a strong impression on potential clients, partners, and employers. However, the question arises: How can you select the most suitable colors for your card that mirror your brand, individuality, and field of work? In this article, we will provide you with guidance and illustrations on how to refresh the color scheme of your business card to align with the latest trends and design styles.


Technology and Software:

"Business cards designed for technology and software experts project an air of professionalism and ingenuity, employing minimalistic layouts complemented by a technology-inspired color scheme, often incorporating shades of blue, gray, and striking contrasting elements."

1.Slate Gray and Electric Blue:

  • Primary Color: Slate Gray (Hex: #333333)
  • Accent Color: Electric Blue (Hex: #0078D4)

This combination achieves a polished and modern look, allowing your business card to make an impact in the tech sector while upholding a sense of professionalism.

2.Midnight Black and Digital Green:

  • Primary Color: Midnight Black (Hex: #000000)
  • Accent Color: Digital Green (Hex: #00FF00)

3.Steel Blue and Graphite Gray:

  • Primary Color: Steel Blue (Hex: #4682B4)
  • Accent Color: Graphite Gray (Hex: #595959)

Offers a contemporary and professional look.

4.Navy Blue and Silver:

  • Primary Color: Navy Blue (Hex: #000080)
  • Accent Color: Silver (Hex: #C0C0C0)

Represents trust and innovation.

5.Deep Purple and Titanium Gray:

  • Primary Color: Deep Purple (Hex: #800080)
  • Accent Color: Titanium Gray (Hex: #878787)

Offers a unique and tech-savvy appearance.


Healthcare business cards play a pivotal role as a professional introduction, mirroring trust and competence through their uncluttered layouts and calming color choices. They encapsulate the core values of compassionate healthcare within a concise yet impactful representation of one's brand.

1.Clean and Crisp

  • Primary Color: White
  • Accent Color: Sky Blue (Hex: #87CEEB)

This pairing symbolizes cleanliness and serenity, imparting a feeling of trustworthiness and overall wellness.

2.Medical Green and White:

  • Primary Color: Medical Green (Hex: #43B02A)
  • Accent Color: White

Green signifies well-being and progress, while white introduces an element of purity and professionalism.

3.Soothing Blues

  • Primary Color: Light Blue (Hex: #ADD8E6)
  • Accent Color: Soft Gray (Hex: #D3D3D3)

The color blue is commonly linked with feelings of trust and tranquility, rendering it a fitting option for healthcare, and the inclusion of gray imparts a dash of professionalism.

Finance and Banking:

Finance and banking business cards communicate trustworthiness and dependability with their refined aesthetics and a color scheme that radiates a sense of professionalism. They stand as a tangible embodiment of financial expertise within the financial services sector.

1.Navy Blue and Gold:

  • Primary Color: Navy Blue (Hex: #000080)
  • Accent Color: Gold (Hex: #FFD700)

This timeless combination signifies sophistication, trust, and prosperity.

2.Slate Gray and Deep Green:

  • Primary Color: Slate Gray (Hex: #666666)
  • Accent Color: Deep Green (Hex: #006400)

Reflects a combination of professionalism and financial growth.

3.Charcoal Gray and Silver

  • Primary Color: Charcoal Gray (Hex: #333333)
  • Accent Color: Silver (Hex: #C0C0C0)

Exudes a sense of seriousness, stability, and elegance.

4.Royal Blue and Platinum:

  • Primary Color: Royal Blue (Hex: #4169E1)
  • Accent Color: Platinum (Hex: #E5E4E2)

Conveys trust, reliability, and a touch of luxury.

Food and Restaurants

Food and restaurant business cards engage your senses with tempting designs and colors that capture the spirit of dining. They extend a delightful invitation to savor delicious cuisine and make cherished dining memories.

1.Appetizing Red and Cream

  • Primary Color: Appetizing Red (Hex: #FF4500)
  • Accent Color: Cream (Hex: #FFF5E1)

Evokes passion and flavor while maintaining an elegant appearance.

2.Warm Orange and Cream:

  • Primary Color: Warm Orange (Hex: #FFA500)
  • Accent Color: Cream (Hex: #FFF5E1)

Creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of comfort food.

3.Fresh Green and Earthy Brown:

  • Primary Color: Fresh Green (Hex: #228B22)
  • Accent Color: Earthy Brown (Hex: #8B4513)

Represents freshness and natural ingredients with a rustic touch.

4.Gourmet Burgundy and Charcoal

  • Primary Color: Gourmet Burgundy (Hex: #800020)
  • Accent Color: Charcoal (Hex: #333333)

Reflects sophistication and is often seen in upscale dining establishments.

Fashion and Beauty

Fashion and beauty business cards captivate with stylish designs and color palettes that reflect trends and elegance. They serve as fashionable invitations to explore the world of glamour and self-expression.

1.Chic Rose Gold and Blush

  • Primary Color: Rose Gold (Hex: #B76E79)
  • Accent Color: Blush Pink (Hex: #FFB6C1)

A trendy combination that evokes femininity, beauty, and modern style.

2.Glamorous Black and Silver

  • Primary Color: Glamorous Black (Hex: #1E1E1E)
  • Accent Color: Shimmering Silver (Hex: #C0C0C0)

Conveys a sense of high fashion, sophistication, and glamour.

3.Elegant Navy and Champagne

  • Primary Color: Deep Navy (Hex: #000080)
  • Accent Color: Champagne (Hex: #F7E7CE)

Reflects a refined and classic sense of style with a touch of celebration.

4.Sleek White and Electric Pink

  • Primary Color: Crisp White (Hex: #FFFFFF)
  • Accent Color: Electric Pink (Hex: #FF00FF)

Combines a clean, minimalist look with a vibrant and energetic pop.

5.Chic Rose Gold and Blush

  • Primary Color: Rose Gold (Hex: #B76E79)
  • Accent Color: Blush Pink (Hex: #FFB6C1)

A trendy combination that evokes femininity, beauty, and modern style.

Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism business cards transport you to new horizons with captivating designs and color schemes that evoke wanderlust and adventure. They serve as gateways to explore the world and create unforgettable journeys.

1.Tropical Teal and Sandy Beige

  • Primary Color: Tropical Teal (Hex: #00CED1)
  • Accent Color: Sandy Beige (Hex: #F5DEB3)

Evokes images of sandy beaches, clear waters, and tropical paradises.

2.Sunset Orange and Warm Pink

  • Primary Color: Sunset Orange (Hex: #FF4500)
  • Accent Color: Warm Pink (Hex: #FF6B81)

Conveys a sense of excitement, energy, and vibrant experiences.

3.Misty Gray and Sky Blue

  • Primary Color: Misty Gray (Hex: #C0C0C0)
  • Accent Color: Sky Blue (Hex: #87CEEB)

Creates a serene, calm atmosphere perfect for travel planning.


Education business cards unlock the path to knowledge through their designs and colors, signifying the pursuit of learning and personal development. They act as convenient invitations to embark on educational adventures and nurture connections within the academic community.

1.Academic Navy and Parchment Cream:

  • Primary Color: Academic Navy (Hex: #000080)
  • Accent Color: Parchment Cream (Hex: #F5DEB3)

Evokes a sense of professionalism and academic excellence.

2.Crisp Blue and Fresh Green

  • Primary Color: Crisp Blue (Hex: #009ACD)
  • Accent Color: Fresh Green (Hex: #00A86B)

Creates an atmosphere of freshness, learning, and growth.

3.Creative Purple and Artistic Beige

  • Primary Color: Creative Purple (Hex: #800080)
  • Accent Color: Artistic Beige (Hex: #F5DEB3)

Reflects a commitment to creativity and innovation in education.

Real Estate

Real estate business cards serve as the keys to unlocking property opportunities, featuring designs and colors that convey trust and professionalism in the realm of property transactions. They are compact invitations to explore the world of real estate, connecting buyers, sellers, and agents with their next investment or dream home.

1.Classic Navy and Gold

  • Primary Color: Classic Navy (Hex: #000080)
  • Accent Color: Luxurious Gold (Hex: #FFD700)

Evokes a sense of sophistication, trust, and prosperity.

2.Sleek Charcoal and Silver

  • Primary Color: Sleek Charcoal (Hex: #333333)
  • Accent Color: Shimmering Silver (Hex: #C0C0C0)

Conveys a modern and professional image.

3.Subtle Gray and Soft Blue

  • Primary Color: Subtle Gray (Hex: #808080)
  • Accent Color: Soft Blue (Hex: #87CEEB)

Imparts a sense of reliability and trustworthiness with a touch of calmness.

4.Sunny Yellow and Sky Blue

  • Primary Color: Sunny Yellow (Hex: #FFFF00)
  • Accent Color: Sky Blue (Hex: #87CEEB)

Radiates positivity and optimism, ideal for branding properties as desirable.

Art and Creative Industries

Art and creative industries business cards are canvases of imagination, showcasing designs and colors that mirror the boundless creativity within. They serve as unique invitations to explore the world of artistic expression and innovation, connecting artists and creatives with a vibrant tapestry of possibilities.

1.Inspiring Purple and Creative Green:

  • Primary Color: Inspiring Purple (Hex: #800080)
  • Accent Color: Creative Green (Hex: #00FF00)

Represents artistic innovation and growth.

2.Expressive Orange and Playful Blue:

  • Primary Color: Expressive Orange (Hex: #FFA500)
  • Accent Color: Playful Blue (Hex: #0000FF)

Creates a sense of enthusiasm, creativity, and imagination

3.Contemporary Teal and Modern Gray

  • Primary Color: Contemporary Teal (Hex: #008080)
  • Accent Color: Modern Gray (Hex: #808080)

Combines modernity with a versatile and professional feel.


Agriculture business cards sow the seeds of connection with designs and colors that embody the vitality of the land. They serve as rustic invitations to explore the world of farming, cultivating partnerships within the fertile fields of agriculture and agribusiness.

1.Earthy Green and Harvest Gold

  • Primary Color: Earthy Green (Hex: #228B22)
  • Accent Color: Harvest Gold (Hex: #DAA520)

Reflects the natural beauty of agriculture and a bountiful harvest.

2.Sunrise Orange and Golden Wheat

  • Primary Color: Sunrise Orange (Hex: #FF6600)
  • Accent Color: Golden Wheat (Hex: #D2B48C)

Symbolizes a new day in agriculture and the abundance of wheat fields.

3.Vibrant Green and Farmyard Red

  • Primary Color: Vibrant Green (Hex: #00FF00)
  • Accent Color: Farmyard Red (Hex: #FF2400)

Represents the freshness of crops and the energy of the farm.

Nonprofits and charity:

Nonprofits and charity business cards are beacons of compassion, adorned with designs and colors that reflect the heart of giving. They serve as humble invitations to join the mission of making the world a better place, connecting donors, volunteers, and supporters to noble causes that leave a lasting impact on humanity.

1.Caring Blue and Compassionate Green:

  • Primary Color: Caring Blue (Hex: #0077B5)
  • Accent Color: Compassionate Green (Hex: #4CAF50)

Represents empathy, hope, and environmental consciousness.

2.Warm Gold and Generous Maroon:

  • Primary Color: Warm Gold (Hex: #FFD700)
  • Accent Color: Generous Maroon (Hex: #800000)

Evokes a sense of generosity, prosperity, and commitment.

3.Soothing Purple and Harmony Blue:

  • Primary Color: Soothing Purple (Hex: #800080)
  • Accent Color: Harmony Blue (Hex: #5C6BC0)

Reflects a sense of peace, unity, and social harmony.

4.Subtle Gray and Vibrant Orange:

  • Primary Color: Subtle Gray (Hex: #808080)
  • Accent Color: Vibrant Orange (Hex: #FF6600)

Balances professionalism with a touch of enthusiasm.