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What and Why Website?

Cricrosoft Technologies is one of the best web design company in Tamil Nadu - India. We have expertise team and experienced team of web designers with the latest webs skills. Cricrosoft Technologies is the best web design agency in India and it is mainly known for Wordpress development, custom website designs, Digital Marketing, Responsive web development, Mobile App designs, etc. Cricrosoft technologies help you to generate sales by SEO Services.

The teams of Cricrosoft technologies Knows the importance of a remarkable digital presence and provides you wonderful Website. Website done by cricrosoft technologies is unique, innovative and interesting. Cricrosoft technologies also provide you with the effective skills and creative ideas to transfer your visuals into digital reality.

Why we are the best in Website Design?

  • SEO friendly in URL and design in Structure.
  • Custom web design in every page
  • Affordable web designing
  • Over 7 years experience in Web Designing
  • Intelligent use of webpage space.
  • Experienced UI designers team
  • Strong compatibility in all browsers and in all screen sizes.

Benefits of Website

Cost effective – Many people are concerned about one-time investment, Web designing is on long-term helps you to save your money.

Accessible around the clock - Your website will work smoothly round the clock and even during low connectivity.

Convenient - A good web design makes your users to visit the website from any device.

Credibility - Earn the faithfulness of your users and ultimately boost your market goodwill. This all comes with a good website design.

Sales – Web design helps to gain and attract your viewers without any error.

Marketing - Google likes perfectly designed Website. This will surely helps you market your website.

Why we need Web designing Services?

More people would prefer beautifully designed Websites. Your website’s design is one of the crucial part of your online marketing presence. To build a good website for your website , you must understand the importance of website design :

  • It aids your SEO strategy
  • loading speed increases and hence it has more chances of being at the top of Google’s list.
  • It set the first impression
  • Build positive first impression in front of your potential clients and audience.
  • Your competitors are doing it
  • Stay compatible with latest technologies and serve flawlessly.
  • It builds trust with your customer service
  • Improve the reliability factor of your website, which helps you gain the stability of your customers.

A list of Web design Services from Cricrosoft Technologies

Responsive Design Implementation

A responsive web design is a must-have good quality in your business website in the present times because of majority users of the internet today do so on their smart devices or phones. Cricrosoft technologies offer to serve responsive web designs for the websites to all clients if they choose so.

Website Pages

Cricrosoft technologies trust that every single of your web page has to be unique just as every person looks different. Our team of web designers ensures that every single page of your website has the most singular design that is both noticeable and adds to the functional efficiency of your website too.

It does not matter how many pages you wish to have in your website, we deliver immediate quotes for your project.

Customized style

Every business is unique and the product and services that it serves to the market are also specific to it. This is why every single business earns customized and bespoke design for their website. Online presence of your business should be strongly aligned with the preferences and need of your clients.

If you wish to have a moderately styled, high modernized design or a simpler and plain design highlighting your services and products for your clients; all these performances and needs are taken by Cricrosoft Technologies versatile creative web designer’s team.

Website Copywriting

Website Copywriting is another add-on service that we as a web designing resistant deliver for resulting upliftment of the business websites of our clients.

The more the number of pages and the more the copywriting content, but the customers of cricrosoft technologies have nothing to worry because we got you covered no matter how many pages of content you require.

Cricrosoft technologies host a team of creative website copywriting experts who are talented in their skills and are to serve our clients.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The main aim of SEO agency is to generate traffic to your website which will be highly beneficial for your business.

Cricrosoft technologies ensure that your website attracts appropriate traffic that increases sales. Make ensure that you opt for our SEO services to observer a appreciable uplift of your SEO ranking on the internet.

Database Integration

Database integration is important for websites who serves payment processes and other transaction tasks. Cricrosoft technology feedsquality database integration services to all clients for the websites.

E-commerce functionality

E-commerce functionality serves to all the firms in the E-commerce industry. Different levels of the services are fed according to the need of the client.


CMS is the content management system and it is another one of our add on service along with the web design services. If you are an e-commerce businessman and have a website, you shall need the CMS for the management and for your content.

How does Cricrosoft Technologies Design Websites ?


Look from the customers perspective of what they want. When it comes to taking or receiving information we all like to be clear and easy.

Along with interactive and informative data, it is crucial that it is reaching your customer correctly.

It provides for the responsive feature of your web design. Today’s world many people use their phone to surf the internet so to ensure that your site is mobile friendly.

It must support suitable and satisfactory experience to its all kind of audience whether it be through desktop, tablet or mobile phone.


  • Navigation is one of the features on the websites that allows a particular visitor of the website to scroll down the part of the product on the website which they are looking for.
  • Different types of Navigation include the Breadcrumb, which is used more by the e-commerce website holders.
  • Users move to and fro from one page to other page for instance from product page to transactional page and vice-versa.
  • There are more than hundreds of navigation styles in the market, and cricrosoft technologies can feed one and all for you. Attention
  • It is important for a web designer to craft such a web design of an audience all at once. There are many ways used to keep the attention of the audience complete. They are as follows :
    • Videos Videos is the most audience absorbing all one attention mode of content on the websites. This is becauseyou should definitely expect of uploading videos aligned with your web design in order to keep the eye of the viewers strictly on your services and products.
    • Downloadable content: Many websites use the downloadable zip files to be used as information about their services and products. This is one of the way to inform the client informed and interested about your business.
    • Infographics: Infographics is one of the major form of content to keep the visitors and clients interested in your work by lending them creative textual and visual content that informs them about your business.
    • We are fully committed not only giving your website professional feel but also driving you and your potential customers together. Our reasonable designs are easy and user friendly navigate through 24 / 7 web presence for your customers, with the latest information and prices on your products.