5 reasons why social Media is an important for your business

5 reasons why social Media is an important for your business

Low Cost :

There is no cost to social media marketing. Advertising on Twitter and Facebook and targeted messages do come at a cost, but a tiny one compared to traditional marketing methods. Any business could actions baseline social media marketing at virtually no cost, but many business owners simply don’t have the time to fund in managing social media.

Easily Connect with potential and existing Customers :

Your potential and existing clients and customers are already on social media, where they are? why not meet them Social media distributes as a way out for you to provide customer service, and gain with your customers, perform market research, and much more. Your industry may decide which social network holds the most possible value for your business (for instance, if you are in the home improvement, furnishing or food business, Pinterest is morevaluable than other social networks). Simple retailresearch can assist you decide which social networks your target audience uses most.

Key Factor in Search Engine Ranking:

A SEO strategy is about manufacturing quality content that produces a lot of inbound links to your website. Social media is a primary form of content use and with the click of a button, users can share content over their social media channels, thus boost the number of inbound links to the content on your website. “Social signals” are becoming more and more key to increasing search engine rankings.

Low barrier to entry:

Social media marketing is more inexpensive than traditional marketing. you can easily build social media profiles for your business on any social networking platform. when it comes to managing your content, it may be good worth your resources to invest in a working relationship with an online marketing agency that is skilled in search engine optimization and social media marketing.

How do you use social media to promote your business ?

A social media strategy can drive growth for your business by encouraging, loyal and lasting relationships with prospects and customers.

Choose the Correct Network

Choosing the correct ones comes down to your customers (and where they are) and your goals or targets.

Here's some information to assist and guide you:


The photo sharing site, is a great platform for businesses with visual appeal (think fashion , travel, restaurants , art, and weddings), and it’s significant for driving sales because many users focus to the site to plan purchases.


The biggest platform, has 2 billion-plus energetic monthly users, and the site is perfect for businesses that want to generate create and leads relationships


Platform is immediate and perfect for businesses whose major customer is under 50 and who need to stay notify of time-sensitive information like announcements, trending topics and breaking news.

Snapchat :

It is one of the fastest growing businesses and social networking sites, can grip it by offering promotions, giving exclusive access , offering personalized knowledge.


This platform for business networking can be used by both Business to business and business to consumer businesses to build authority, create trust, and engage customers

Set a Goal

Being energetic on social media has a number of benefits for business, and there are many things you can achieve with your social presence, such as engaging customers , performing customer service, generating leads, expanding your customers, driving sales, increasing web traffic, gaining valuable feedback and insights.

Come up with Strategy

You should also determine on your posting frequency, and build a content calendar that will assist you plan posts and ensure you don’t miss days.

The content calendar is an important part of your strategy because it should lay out:

  • Who is your customer?
  • What subjects and topics your customer is interested in?

The functional content you already have

  • What type of content you still want to create or curate
  • When and on which platforms content will be released

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